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Wabasha County Feedlot Grants

The Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources has given  Wabasha County 60 days to pay the board over $115,000 it says the county owes for two county feedlot grant violations.
The Post-Bulletin reports the state also claims the county now owes just over $9,000 in investigation costs, more than double the the state had initially sought.
Until the dispute is resolved, the state has been withholding nearly $93,000 the county would have received for local water, wetland, shoreland, sewage and feedlot programs.
The Wabasha County Board has been informed about the letter from the state and the interim County Administrator says he plans to meet with the county attorney's office to discuss the next move. The subject may be on the board's May 20th agenda.
The State says there were several problems with the grants a few years ago including, a lack of engineering plans, no operation or maintenance plan and a contract didn't appear to have the landowner's signature.

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