Friends of the Masonic

A new group is being organized to help support the Winona Masonic Temple.

Spokesperson Margaret Shaw Johnson said an organizational meeting of the "Friends of the Masonic"  will be held next Wednesday, July 30th. at the Masonic Lodge at 7:30 p.m.

The meeting will be partially hosted by Theater du Mississippi and the Frozen River Film Festival and the public is welcome.

The City of Winona is in the process of evaluating the historic Masonic Temple and a report is due out by the end of August. A discussion will be held and here will be a sharing of ideas on how to preserve the historic building and the historic theater drops collection.

This meeting is not to be confused with the open house at the Masonic Temple next Monday, July 28th at 4:30  p.m. where some of the historic drops will be on display to the public before they go into storage......


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