Erickson Sand Mine

The owners of a frack sand mine in Houston County have received a second letter telling them they must have a special permit to operate because the mine is close to a trout stream.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says the Erickson Sand Mine is within one mile of Ferndale creek and spokesman,Tom Hovey, in the August 8th, letter, said under state law, needs the permit.

The mine was forced to close down in late July until the owners received the permit and completed other requirements including an inspection.

Hovey said in the letter that even though Houston County has issued a conditional use permit for the mine operations, the trout stream setback permit is also needed.                 
Hovey said the DNR considers the Erickson mine to be a new project that requires the trout stream permit which was passed by the state legislature in April of 2013.        

Hovey said in the letter, the DNR is not singling out the Erickson mine. It would also require any future sand mines in southeastern Minnesota, within the one mile setback from a trout stream, to also seek the permit.

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