Buffalo County Recount

There were no remarkable errors discovered in a recount of presidential election votes in Buffalo County. 
County Clerk Roxann Halverson said a recount of 7,052 voter ballots cast in 23 precincts showed a net result of Hillary Clinton losing 6 votes and Donald Trump losing one vote. 
Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, who petitioned for a statewide recount in Wisconsin, saw no change up or down in Buffalo County vote totals. 
With the Wisconsin recount nearly completed by Monday, Clinton had gained about 60 votes statewide. She lost to Trump by over 22,000 votes on Nov. 8th. 
The Stein campaign paid some $3.5 million for a recount in Wisconsin. Cost of a recount in Buffalo County was estimated at $18,000.

Halverson said there was no evidence of voter fraud or machine tampering found in Buffalo County. 
The only changes that occurred in Buffalo County had to do with votes cast on paper ballots. 
Halverson said the minimal changes brought about by a recount suggested that Buffalo County has a "very secure election system." 

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