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100 Gummy Book Worm Challenge

The kindergarten team at Jefferson is excited to share our results of our 100 Gummy Book Worm Challenge.  Our students have been reading at home for homework with a goal of reading 100 books by the 100th day of school.  Today is our 100th Day of school.  Our students have far exceeded our expectations.  Our 62 students have read 11,200 books at home!  Huge congratulations to the students and their families for this commitment.  We have two students that have read over 500 books each!  We spent time today celebrating their achievement with a kindergarten party.  The students all had an ice cream treat followed by a dance party.  In the end we awarded their book "backpack tags."  In total we awarded 112 tags to 51 students.  Each student also received 1 gummy worm after reading every 10 books.  We have passed out a lot of gummy worms this year! Thank you to Foundation for Winona Area Public Schools for helping us to build excitement for reading with our students.  I know that we will be handing out more award tags and gummy worms through the end of the year.  
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