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Body Search-Day 11

Winona County officials say the search for the body of a missing La Crosse man in the Mississippi River may come to a close soon.

Sheriff Dave Brand said after ten days search teams were not able to find any sign of the body of 29-year-old Andrew Kingsbury and now it has become a safety issue.
Brand said another volunteer searcher went through the river ice Wednesday up to his waist and had to be rescued. It was the second search crew member to go through the ice in the last several days.

Brand also said its believed crews have completed their canvas of the areas off Huff Street and the Winona Levee where they believe the body may be. Brand said the experts do not believe the body has gone farther down river.

Searchers went out again Thursday...Day 11. They were joined by a Rice County Dive-Rescue Team and an airboat from the U-S Fish and Wildlife Service.
Brand said an airboat became stuck in an open water area Wednesday and had to be pulled out.

Brand said the search efforts are being evaluated day-to-day. He said the search may have to be called off and authorities forced to wait until the spring to resume their efforts.
Over the last ten days crews have been averaging over eight hours a day in their search.


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