Buffalo County Zoning Committee

Buffalo County's newly organized land resources - zoning committee took preliminary action to alter policies and procedures governing rural non-metallic sand mining.

New proposals would require applicants for non-metallic mining permits to furnish more detailed information about mining operators.

Supervisors agreed that a permit application should make it clear that information must be supplied about land ownership, liability responsibility and mining operator.

A procedural amendment advanced by the panel would take the zoning committee away from the practice of taking stands on permits before they reach a board of zoning adjustment for final say.

The panel talked about the possibility of having 3rd party review of an application before it was released to a town board for advisory vote.

Another change advanced by the committee would require annual review of an approved mining permit rather than every 3 years. A new mine would be evaluated for compliance with its permit after three months of operation.

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Locations : Buffalo County
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