County Tax Levy

Winona County taxpayers may not see as big a reduction in their county property tax levy in 2014 as they saw in 2013...but it appears they won't see an increases in the levy either.
Winona County Board members today approved a motion calling for a preliminary zero percent increase in 2014.

Commissioner Jim Pomeroy said he supported the proposed freeze.

Commissioners said they would like to see the levy for 2014 go below the zero percent increase but County Administrator Duane Hebert said some increased anticipated spending may prevent that.

Comissioners have until September 15th to approve the preliminary 2014 levy which is tentatively set at 15.9 million dollars...the same as the 2013 levy. Final approval will come in December.
The 15.9 million dollar levy has been reduced by the 2.5 million dollars in county program aid from the state, so the gross levy for 2014 would be 18.4 million dollars.

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