County Zoning Changes

On a 3-to-2 vote the Winona County Board of Commissioners approved all five of the amendments to the 2-year-old county zoning ordinance that were recommended by the County Planning Commission.

Among those amendments are changes that will allow owners of existing parcels smaller than 40 acres to build using a development certificate instead of a conditional use permit,...and allow owners of properties built before 2011 to follow older less restrictive setbacks when it comes to feedlots and bluffs.

Commissioner Jim Pomeroy, who opposed those changes, predicted it could result in pitting neighbor against neighbor because no prior notice of building expansions would be needed.

Commissioner Steve Jacob, who proposed the amendments shortly after he was elected a year ago, called it truly a compromise and said fears that the changes would impact undeveloped blufftops were misguided.

The five amendemtns will become effective immediately after they are published.

Joining Jacob in voting yes were Commissioner Marcia Ward, and Board Chair Wayne Valentine. Joining Pomeroy in voting against was Commissioner Greg Olson.

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