Dover-Sand Mining

Buffalo County is recommending its county Board of Adjustment issue a conditional-use permit for a sand mining project in the Town of Dover near Independence.

River Valley Sands, LLC, of Utica has lease agreements for extracting and hauling of frac-sand on lands owned by four families.

The Dover Town Board doesn't want the board of adjustment to issue the permit. The county Land Resources Committee voted 3-1 to support a modified permit with conditions.

Dist. 11 County Supervisor Jim Ziegeweid of rural Arcadia, opposed recommending approval of the permit.

Ziegeweid said the county's action completely ignored the wishes of the Town of Dover Board to stop the project.

River Valley Sands wants to mine 24 million tons of sand over the course of 20 to 30 years, opening and closing 5 to 10 acres at a time on five parcels of non-contiguous property.
A conveyor system would be used to move sand to a wash plant. Some 50 trucks would haul 200 sand loads daily  from the site to Winona.

Another truck route would take the sand to Wabasha.

River Valley Sands says it would employ 26 workers on site and employ as many as 50 truck drivers.

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