Elmer's Road

Elmer's Road in Fountain City might climb a priority list for streets and roads in town that need attention.

But for now the city council is focused on doing work on Wagner Road and fixing Wall Street.

Elmer Duellman approached the city council to see if the council was making plans to repair Elmer's Road.

The road is used by a salvage yard business as well as road access to a popular tourist attraction toy and auto museum on Duellman's property.
Duellman said the road was in terrible condition and recommended a new surface overlay.

Fountain City Mayor Peter Schaffner said he knows it's bad and needs work, but he said Wagner Road was in worse condition.

City alderman John Sagan said the economic tourism impact on the city was a good argument for repairing Elmer's Road. He advised that they should try and raise priority on fixing it.

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