Gabe Glidden

Gabe Glidden
About You – My government name is Gabriel Glidden and I'm beyond thankful I got into the game that is also known broadcasting. I really have zero idea what I would've done had I not gone to broadcasting school. I grew up 3 minutes away from downtown Minneapolis, which was nice whenever our family attended sporting events or if we ever wanted to head downtown. Everything was a pretty short drive away which was incredible. Long car ride could be used as cruel and unusual punnishment. I attended Robbinsdale Cooper H.S (Go Hawks!) and keep in contact with a majority of my friends from there still. I was lucky enough to play football, basketball, baseball, and hockey while in high school. After Cooper I ironically attended Winona State University trying to get a degree in socializing and you wouldn't believe how little that paid. One of the (hopefully) smartest choices I've ever made was to attend Brown College after two years of what I would call hanging out in Winona. I graduated from Brown College (fun fact of the day- I graduated with Tyler Larkin) with a degree in broadcasting and have enjoyed darn near every part of my broadcasting career. I’m a huge sports fan and enjoy watching and rooting for all 4 major Minnesota sports teams.
Likes- I enjoy hosting the morning show on KG 95.3 more than you could ever know. Rooting for Minnesota sports teams and then being let down has to be added in this. Wearing white tee’s and not wearing socks. Playing music is something I enjoy and really should do more of. Chess is a new favorite. I stopped playing for a long time and thankfully have started picking it up. Getting answers right on Jeopardy is such a pat on the back.  Eating! Drinking an incredible amount of coffee, hold the sugar and cream. Live Music. Minneapolis. Telling people about my celebrity crush on Selena Gomez. I'm still waiting for her to give me a call. Grainbelt. Telling everyone how good I am at making Ramen Noodles. Talking to anyone and everyone I encounter. Surrounding myself with genuinely good hearted people.
Dislikes – Rudeness by far is the biggest dislike I will ever have. Fantasy Football. “Critters” Touching animals. I love animals I just think we need to leave them alone and not bother picking them up or touching them. Wearing socks. When the directions on your food tell you to "Simmer." What does the really mean anyways?
Favorite TV Shows – Suits! By far the greatest show on TV. Sports Center. I joined team Breaking Bad incredibly late but love that show.
Favorite Movies – The Shawshank Redemption, Sherlock Holmes, The Dark Knight, Superbad, Godfather 1 and 2, Rush Hour, Ted, Green Street Hooligans, Boondock Saints, Lord of the Rings, School of Rock, The Departed, All the Harry Potters, Pirates of the Caribbean, Public Enemies, To Kill a Mockingbird, Full Metal Jacket, The Town, Goodfellas, The Sandlot.
Websites – Follow your boy on twitter! @gabeglidden09. How I'd survive without google is beyond me. 
Favorite Artists- Eric Clapton, Asher Roth, J. Cole, Led Zeppelin, Macklemore, Pink Floyd, Easy E, Kendrick Lamar, Keith Urban, N.W.A, Notorious BIG, 2pac, Justin Timberlake, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Wolfmother, Nirvana, Bob Dylan, Pearl Jam, Steve Winwood, Foo Fighters, Tom Petty to name a few…

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