HRA Withdrawal

Winona County Board members voted 3-to-2 to delay action on joining Dodge County in recommending proposed legislation to give members of the Southeastern Minnesota Multi-County HRA the authority to leave the organization on their own.
County Administrator Duane Hebert said the proposed change in state law would give the county the ability to make a unilateral decision instead of needing the approval of the other HRA members and the HRA board.

But HRA Executive Director Joe Wheeler said he was surprized that Winona County would consider leaving the multi-county agency.

Hebert said Winona County has had some areas of disagreement with the HRA.

The county board decided to have attorneys representing both the county and the HRA discuss legal issues before any final decision.

The Dodge County Board has tried twice to leave the agency but has been denied under the existing state law.

mmissioners Wayne Valentine, Jim Pomeroy and chair Marcia supported the delay.

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