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Wakeup with Jim Trotter Monday through Saturday as he brings you all the local news and weather to start your day out right.  And stay with him through out the morning for the latest in farm markets, news, weather and all of our favorite country music.

Listen to Partyline with Jim Trotter Monday through Friday from 11:30am to Noon.  Partyline is one of the longest running radio shows in Minnesota.  If you are having a garage sale, or have just an item to sell or buy then Partyline with Jim Trotter is the place to do it.  Just call 452-2867.

Get Beekie with Winona Radio's very own Sports Director, Paul Van Beek.  Paul will bring you all the latest scores in local and national sports, along with the latest in local, regional and national news.

Darryl Smelser, Winona Radio's award winning News Director, will being you update to date with all the local, regional and national news, along with the local weather forcast during the Noon hour. KAGE AM brings you all the farming news you need with the Central Livestock Report, Lewiston Livestock Report, and The National Farm Report with Orin Samuelson.

Keep your dail to 1380 as Paul Lundquist brings you the KG County Shopping Show from 12:45pm to 1:30pm Monday-Friday and 12:30pm to 1pm on Saturday.  Save from 20% to 50% items from local business.  Just call 452-2867 or order on line.


Joe Soucheray is the Twin Cities' preeminent purveyor of Common Sense. Well known for his philosophy that "anything that needs to be figured out, can be figured out in the garage," Joe became the self-appointed mayor of Garage Logic, Minnesota, and is also the Fireworks Commissioner.

Garage Logic is more a state of mind than an actual place on a map, though thousands of actual maps have been sold to it's many "residents."

The program is a daily examination of the hottest topics impacting the Twin Cities, untangling the chaotic, and making them understandable with common sense and a sense of humor.

With a support crew consisting of Matt "Rookie" Michalski, Angie Ludwig, newsman John Heidt, traffic reporter Kenny Olson, and Patrick Reusse with sports commentary ... Garage Logic® provides "Morning Show" attitude from 2:00-5:00pm as you finish up your workday and drive home.


Saturday Morning SportsTalk™ features Joe Soucheray and Patrick Reusse. These Twin Cities legends join forces every Saturday morning to regale you with their off-beat observations and antics as they present the latest events of the day, including some sports talk, if they get to it.

Joe and Pat have been entertaining you for over 20 years, presenting humor, insight and a cadre of characters that call in. The conversation flows so freely between the duo that you get absorbed into their stories and antics, even when it's not about the world of sports.

Heralded as the "The World's Most Widely Listened-To Sports Talk Show," Saturday Morning SportsTalk™ is must-listen radio each Saturday from 10:00am-12:00n.

Listen to Country Hit Makers on Saturday from 2:00p to 4:00p as Eric Elliot brings the last in Country Music.  Eric will keep you up to date on the last news and music from current country arists like Sugarland, Love & Theft, Tim McGraw and so many more......

Listen to 25 Years of Hits with Craig "Catfish" Hunter on Saturday from 4:00pm to 5:00pm.  The music intensive "count-up" spotlights your most popular songs featuring #1 hits for the past quarter century.

Starting with 1984, followed by 1985, then 1986... and ending with the #1 chart topper this week last year, 25 Years of Hits covers the range in chronological order.

Hosted by WFUS/Tampa's Craig "Catfish" Hunter, the program includes artist interviews, timeline trivia nuggets, listener interaction and resident comic "Dewey from Louisville." 25 Years of Hits is fast-paced, fresh and fun!

The Original Music Count-Up... 25 Years of Hits.

Join KAGE AM Sunday mornings for local church programs.
Starting at 6:15am listen to the Marian Hour, 8:00am
St. Martin's Lutheran Church, 11:00am St. Matthews Church and at 12:30pm Lutheran Hour.

Country Countdown USA can be heared on KAGE AM on Sunday from 1:00pm to 4:00pm.
Each week a charted country star joins Lon Helton to countdown the week's Top 30 Country Hits.
Lon is well-known by all the stars.  The stars tell funny and unrehearsed stories about their friends in the countdown.  The show is recorded on Nashville's Histroic Music Row.

Come ride with us on Sunday afternoon at 4:00pm as we explore the great American cowboy through his music, stories and cowboy poetry.

Red Steagall is your host for this critically acclaimed one-hour radio broadcast heard coast-to-coast. You'll hear America's most talented country performers such as Reba McEntire and the finest storytellers and cowboy poets like Waddie Mitchell, Baxter Black and of course your host, Mr. Red Steagall. So sit back, relax and relive the glory and majesty of our great American Western heritage as only Red Steagall can portray.