Packers Jersey

A sixth-grader in western Wisconsin proudly wears a green and gold jersey in support of his favorite team - the Green Bay Packers. And, it's a shirt he's worn every day for nearly three years.
David Pehl, of Holmen, says the Packers jersey was given to him for Christmas a couple years ago and once he put it on, he just couldn't take it off. The jersey is hand-washed every other day, but after 1, 034 days of consecutive wear, the once-bright jersey has faded and the name on the back - "Rodgers" - is barely legible.

David's dad, Dave Pehl, tells WKBT-TV he may be responsible for planting the idea because he mentioned a boy who had worn a Brett Favre jersey for four years. Now, his son is shooting for that record.......

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