Past Feature Pics

Madison Reading Olympics

The Fourth Grade Reading Olympics Ceremony was held at Madison Elementary School the evening of Friday, December 12.  Students read books to earn a certificate and a GOLD medal.  The students read an astounding 6,976 points worth of books!  This is the 34th year that fourth grade teacher Mr. Stephan Waltzer has hosted the event, joined last year by Mr. Kyle Martin.  Mrs. Jennifer Woyczik’s class is participating in the Reading Olympics this year and hopes to continue this fantastic reading program.  We are very grateful for the parent and grandparent involvement with our Reading Olympics Program.  Special thanks to the Eagles Club of Winona and Sons of the American Legion Post 9 in Winona for their donations to support the Reading Olympics Program.

Brabbie the Blue Crab!

A Chesapeake blue crab — native to the western Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico — somehow found its way into the cool, northern waters of the Mississippi River this fall.
Several UW-La Crosse students found the crab in mid November on French Island while doing a video project for their scientific methods class. The students: Abbey Johnson and Brittany Kujatha, both senior education majors; and Katie Mabery, a graduate student in Therapeutic Recreation, were at Airport Beach on French Island when they spotted the crab moseying along the shoreline. They decided to name the crab “Brabbie,” a combination of all of their names. How the crab made it more than 1,000 miles through river dams well outside its native habitat is a bit of a mystery, says their instructor Carol Witt-Smith, academic instructional staff member in Educational Studies. Both she and her students agree the most likely scenario is that Brabbie hitched a ride north on a barge. The crab also could have been released as an unwanted pet. Brabbie was alive when the students found it. Not realizing the crab was so far from home, they left it and told Witt-Smith about it the next day. When she returned to the beach, the crab had not survived the night. Witt-Smith brought the crab to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service where it is being held for further identification.

STEM Applications

The Winona Area Public Schools will be taking online applications for the 2015-2016 school year for the Jefferson Elementary STEM School and the Spanish Language Immersion Program (SLIP) at Madison Elementary School. The application window is open from Monday, January 5, 2015 - Friday, January 23, 2015. Applications must be received during this time. An informational postcard as been mailed to all families to the addresses that the district has. Jefferson Elementary STEM School will be accepting applications for any Winona district resident with children who will be entering Kindergarten through Grade 4 in the fall. An application is not required for any student currently enrolled in the STEM School. Students living in the Jefferson attendance area are accepted if an application is filed for them. If applications for the STEM School exceed class size for any grade level, a lottery will be held on Friday, January 30, 2015. Letters are mailed regarding acceptance or waiting list status.

Sunriser 4-H Member of the Month

Katelyn Bruels was recognized as the Winona Sunrisers Kiwanis Club’s “4-H Member of the Month” representative for the month of December.  Katelyn is a graduate of Winona Senior High School.  She is the daughter of Carolyn Bruels and Joe Bruels from Winona, MN and is a member of Wilson Fireflies 4-H Club. Katelyn has held the club leadership roles of Vice President, Treasurer, and Recreational Director.  Katelyn has explored many avenues offered through 4-H.  She has participated in summer camps, fairs, interstate exchange program, expressive arts, food science events, computer science, and numerous volunteering opportunities giving service to the community. Opportunities 4-H has given Katelyn through her 14 years in the 4-H Program included -“I learned public speaking through demonstrations.  4-H has expanded my horizons from the people you deal with from the very young to the elderly.”


Janets Planets

The Saint Mary’s University Page Series invites audiences to explore the vast universe with PBS’s ''Janet’s Planet'' on Thursday, January 15th.