Preston Veteran's Cemetary

The Department of Veterans Affairs has awarded a $10,000,000 grant covering 100 percent of the allowable costs associated with establishing a Minnesota State Veterans Cemetery in Preston.

Last year, a bipartisan field hearing was held in Preston to examine the proposal for the construction of a new Minnesota State Veterans Cemetery there.

The grant will help the state provide enhanced services for over 51,000 Minnesota Veterans and their families.

The closest state Veteran cemetery is Northern Wisconsin Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Spooner, Wisconsin, approximately 193 miles away. Currently, Minnesota has only one state Veteran cemetery, located in Little Falls-nearly 250 miles away.

First District Representative Tim Walz says after the tremendous sacrifices made by our nation's veterans, they deserve a final resting place that will both honor their memory and give them peace of mind in knowing they will be close to family and loved ones.

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