Science Fair-Derbyshire

Winona High School sophomore Lucas Derbyshire recently competed at his first international science fair May 11-16 in Los Angeles. He was selected at the Regional Science Fair at St. Mary's University  to represent this region. It was the first year that over 1700 students competed from 70 different countries, regions and territories.

More than 500 students received awards for their innovative research. Although Derbyshire did not win any additional awards for his project, he gained new insights on what it takes to be successful at the international level.

Lucas, son of Eric and Gretchen Derbyshire, created a low cost polarimeter that measures sugar concentrations. His goal was to create this using his laptop and a camera with a polarizing lens. Applications for his project include measuring sugar impurities in food products such as fruit juices and any food products requiring precise concentrations of sugar in their recipe.....


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