State Salaries

Salaries of the top-paid employees in Minnesota city and county government have risen considerably since the state peeled back a restriction  that made it rare for local personnel to earn more than the governor.

An analysis of salary data by The Associated Press identified scores of local officials now drawing bigger paychecks than the governor.

The AP gathered salary notices required of the 128 cities and counties with more than 15,000 residents. Resulting data showed at least 145 local officials topping the governor's annual pay.

According to the AP research, Winona County's top earner's salary, the Director of Community and Social Services, ranks 26th highest out of 58 counties surveyed. That base salary is $113,683.

The City of Winona's top earner, the City Manager, ranks 61st highest out of the 70 counties surveyed. That base salary is $113,335.

Houston and Wabasha County's top earner's rank 57th and 58th out of the 58 counties surveyed. Fillmore County's top earner is ranked 48th highest.

None of the salaries top the governor's.....     

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