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Steve Jacob Quality Firewood in Altura
Category:   Firewood

13377 Jacob Lane
Altura, MN 55910
Phone: (507) 534-2554
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We are the Professionals on Firewood. We are DNR certified and sell our wood Quarantine compliant in the Winona Area. Customers can rest assured they are in full compliance with all new government regulations when they purchase their wood locally from Quality Firewood. We stand behind our product with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Our wood is harvested in an ecologically sound manner as to not waste our renewable natural resources. We procure primarily oak hardwoods that are not suitable to milled into lumber due to knots or defects. Our wood is entirely Ash free, thereby eliminating the potential to move the Emerald Ash Borer.
When you purchase your firewood from Quality Firewood, you can rest assured there will be no problems with excessive soot and creosote buildup, chimney fires, or other hazards associated with lower quality or improperly seasoned firewood.
 We are family owned and operated and in business locally in Winona County for more than 22 years. We pride ourselves on providing a valuable service to the community.
We sell wood by the full or half cord. People can pick wood up at our Whitewater Township location but 95% of our wood is delivered to the customer's residence.
We measure our wood by the University of Minnesota measuring guidelines. Our delivery equipment is set up to measure each load delivered in a consistent manner. Customers will receive the same accurate volume each time they order.
Our pricing is as follows:
  • Premium grade, split, dried, delivered hardwoods start at $170 per half cord delivered and $270 per full cord delivered. Volume discounts apply to 3 cord orders and drop the price to $250 per cord.
  • New to Quality Firewood is our outdoor wood boiler wood. We now have this product available for the unbelievably low price of of just $120 per full cord Delivered! (based on a 3 cord order)
  • 3 cords is the maximum load we can carry and therefore the most fuel efficient for our delivery equipment. 3 cord orders receive our lowest pricing.
These prices include delivery. If the customer needs Quality Firewood to move or stack the wood after delivery to their residence there is an additional charge. Some firewood vendors include stacking in the price of the wood. Customers should be wary of this practice. Vendors who want to stack your wood for you usually have a certain way they will stack it (crisscross) which results in the customer receiving about half the volume of wood they should have received. Quality Firewood refuses to play games!

You'll get what you pay for at Quality Firewood, any way you stack it.