Veteran Services

Faced with the possibility of the Winona County Veterans Services Officer nearing retirement,  and the uncertainty with the national Veterans Affairs Department, the Winona County Board has taken steps to maintain the local Vets office and its services in the future.

The board voted 5-to-nothing to maintain the staffing with three accredited positions, including a Vets Service Officer, a support person, and a backup staff member.

Commissioner Steve Jacob said, while vets can get services in any county, Winona County needs to maintain the services in Winona County for the vets who have served the country.

The board also decided to place the Veterans Services staff under the county's Community Services Director. In the past the staff reported to the County Administrator.

Community Services Director Beth Wilms said some of her staff have already begun training to be ready if the Vet Services Officer, Steve Johnson, chooses to retire.

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