Ultimate Wedding Giveaway
Congratulations to Michelle & Luke!!!!
They are the lucky winners of Winona Radio's Ultimate Wedding Giveaway.

Michelle and Luke
Wedding Date: September 17, 2016
We met in college about 4 and a half years ago through a mutual friend. It was an instant connection and we knew we going to be together for the rest of our lives. After about 2 and a half years we received news that I would be moving away for 2 years (7 hours long distance) for an internship. We got engaged on our 3 year anniversary. After everything we have been through, it is amazing that we are finally in the same state again and under one roof. He is my best friend and love of my life."

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Megan and Kyle
Wedding Date:  06-18-16

" I was 11, he was 13 was friends with his younger sister and he was the good looking older brother. Kyle and I met after I had come over to their home to hang out with his sister, little did we all know 15 years later we would be planning a wedding together! From the day we met, I always had a crush on him and it wasn't until high school when we started spending more time together as we hung out at the same places with mutual friends. Even though we both sometimes wish we could have made things work back then, we did choose to go our separate ways believing that was for the best. Four years later we reconnected. In July of 2011, our relationship picked up right where it left off and we soon moved in together, starting what we know now, the rest of our lives. Both of us born and raised near Winona, bought a home together in April of 2014 and in March of 2015 we traveled on our first vacation, just the two of us. While at Cocoa Beach Pier in Florida, on the sandy beach with the beautiful sun shining over the Atlantic Ocean in the background Kyle said the sweetest words a man could ever say to a women and got down on one knee, asking me to marry him. That day was the best day of my life so far and together we are so excited. So, even though we tend to wonder what life would be like had we stayed together earlier in our lives, we believe God had a plan for us and needed us to experience all that we did to truly appreciate each other. And we are so thankful for that plan, we can't wait to see what the rest of his plan looks like for us."
Tim and Emily
Wedding Date:  01-23-16

"Timmy and Emily both met and work at HyVee in Winona, have fallen in love, moved into their first apt. together and plan a January "Brrrrrrr" wedding. Here's wishing them Love and Happiness everlasting in their journey together."
Andy and Dana
Wedding Date:  12-28-15

"Andy and I met 5 1/2 years ago. We met at work both working at Mathy Construction, we became friends then good friends and started dating. We became best friends and fell in love. 2 years later we were blessed with our daughter Ava. Andy already had 2 boys that I was lucky enough to become family with. This past Christmas we got engaged and set the date that we are honored to carry on as family tradition. My parents and grandparents were both married December 28th too!! We are excited to be taking this next and final step together into the rest of our lives with our little ones at our side. Thank you for hearing our story!!"
Amie and Marty
Wedding Date:  7-16-16

"Marty and I met and immediately felt sparks fly. We both came from previous relationships that challenged us and helped us both learn who we are and what we are looking for in a spouse. We will have 4 kids once married, and everything seems to be coming together so nicely. He is my soulmate, I am his, and together with our family, we make a happy family! When Marty proposed to me, it was like a dream come true, my mom who I am so very close to, was ill and in ICU up at St Mary's Hosptial, with a life threatening ordeal, she has since made a good recovery, and we can't wait til she can come back home again... when Marty Proposed, he asked her while I went to the rest room, for my hand in marriage, she cried and it seems ever since she knew... that her life has a purpose again and knows that true love does exist. Marty is so good for me and my boys and I know we are the same for him and his daughter. Oh and I finally get my little girl! Dreams do come true!"
Amy and Paul
Wedding Date:  Summer 2017

"Being in a long distance relationship takes endurance, loyalty, devotion,an all-in attitude which in our case includes insanity, intensity, sweet & sickening love, total commitment and faithfulness. We have a life changing story to share: Paul says it all began 3/1/11 when this girl,Amy who I never met, comes strutting into my restaurant before we open like she owns the place. With high heels on,she bursts into the dish room & starts cranking out clean dishes like a champ while helping a new employee. " I have to meet this girl, Paul said to himself. Fast forward to 6/25/15-Leon Day, 1/2 way to Xmas. We paddled the boat out into the lake for about 45 minutes talking, laughing, enjoying each other's company, and ended up in Black Bay where my dad's ashes are. My dad's final resting place is between two buoys where he caught a really big fish years' before. We sat in awkward silence for a bit. Paul understanding that this was a special & sacred place and it meant a lot for me to be so close to my father. A few moments go by and Paul said, "You know how I have always told you that I talk to your father? Well, there is something that I want to talk to him about now" I looked over at him like he was truly losing his mind and said, "OK?" Paul proceeded to 'talk' to my dad, Al, I would like to ask you for permission to ask your daughter, Amy, to marry me.  I sat numb, stunned, confused & completely shocked. Paul's turns& asked me, "Well, Amy what did your dad say?' Still very confused I said with some sass don't know Paul; you are the one that says you talk to him!  Paul laughed & replied Your dad says that would be alright.  Paul further clarified & continued "Remember when I sent you a text that said, "You, Amy turn my gray days into days filled with color? (He is colorblind FYI). I replied yes, he went on to say, "Remember when I texted you, "That I have never felt about another human being the way I feel about you,& that if this is 'true love', then I have never been in it before?" I said, "of course I remember". The big moment. "Amy, will you marry me & he pulls out a box from a back pocket of the Wisconsin Badger swim trunks he is wearing(but he is a Hawkeye fan) (little did I know that the Ring was burning a bruise on his rear end throughout the entire paddle boat ride). I was completely stunned by the question.  a million thoughts were going through my head, Did he just really ask me that? I thought that there was no way either of us was ever getting married again;(we each have done so twice) He must be really serious if he is asking me this, right?? For Paul to take this next step this must be for real" I thought for a few minutes more & asked myself a few last questions. "Can I be all the he deserves, can I be all that he believes I am & continue to devote my life to him, us and our future together?" I finally answered his question; "I would be honored" I said, as he squeezed the breath right out of me and his eyes welled with tears. Imagining 'us' and all of our dreams coming true and Paul's declaration to all of you: "On June 25, 20151/2 way to Christmas,Leon day, I was given the greatest gift imaginable. The father of the most special love created, that I could not even imagine, gave me permission to ask his daughter, Amy to marry me. She said yes, so let the celebration begin, well wait.. We both have grown children who are planning weddings in the near future of their own, so we must pay for them as well. We have waited so long to be together, living in two different states that we cant wait to begin our life together for real!"
Michelle and Luke
Wedding Date:  9-17-16

"We met in college about 4 and a half years ago through a mutual friend. It was an instant connection and we knew we going to be together for the rest of our lives. After about 2 and a half years we received news that I would be moving away for 2 years (7 hours long distance) for an internship. We got engaged on our 3 year anniversary. After everything we have been through, it is amazing that we are finally in the same state again and under one roof. He is my best friend and love of my life."
William and Heidi
Wedding Date:  6-10-16

"William and I meet through a mutual friend,I knew there was something about him I just wanted to know more. Three years later we ran into each other in town and started talking. We have been together every since for the past five years. We are the missing pieces in each other's lives,through good times and bad we always seem to know what the other person needs before they ask.William proposed 5 months ago it's was the most amazing day of my life to know I was going to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.During the planning of my wedding my mom passed away on mothers day in my home so it's set me back In my planning emonially and financially. William has been my rock to win this would give me light again on our big day"
El and SamiJo
Wedding Date:  8-29-15

"We both are very physically active and love to work out. We met at a non profit organization doing what we love, working with people and the community. We look forward to getting married and being able to live a happy & healthy life together her in Winona."
John and Gabrielle
Wedding Date:  7-29-16

"John and I met while working out at the same gym. Our passion for fitness brought us together and throughout the past 2 years we have had an amazing time connecting on a deeper level. We are excited to begin our lives together!"
Sherri and Richard
Wedding Date:  6-12-16

"We have been together for 16 wonderful years now and we have wanted to get married a long time ago, but our finances have always prevented from being able to do this for a quite a while now. We have 2 daughters together and we are excited to become a legal family. A gift like this would help out quite a bit and make that day even extra special. We are more in love today then we were 16 years ago. No doubts here- I hope anymore!!... (ha-ha) I have told Rich that we are like peanut butter and jelly - one is just not as sweet without the other one! This is our love story. I could go on forever, but I only have a small amount of space! Thank you for your consideration."
Ryan and Anna
Wedding Date:  7-09-16

"Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favorite. In 2009 I was in a bad motorcycle accident. I am lucky to still be here today. But I believe everything happens for a reason. It brought Anna back into my life. When I got out of the hospital she helped me through my recovery, and we fell in love. We have been together for years and are happily engaged. We are planning our wedding and can't wait to see what the future will bring for us."
Ian and Kayla
Wedding Date:  8-20-16

"Ian and I met just before our freshman year of college. He was part of the football team and the football team helps all the incoming freshman move into the dorms. Him and his football buddies moved my stuff into my dorm and we chatted a little bit. Later that night he came back and we went to an "incoming freshman grill out" together and we instantly became friends which turned into dating and now engaged. We are having a lot of fun planning our wedding and can't wait for the big day!"