$1,000 Wedding Giveaway
Congratulations to Greg Hazelton and Tracy Marin.

They are lucky winners of the Winona Radio Ultimate Wedding Giveaway.

Greg and Tracy won the following prizes from our participating sponsors:
  • Signatures of Winona
  • Sunset Gardens in Glaesville WI
  • The Riverport Inn & Banquet Hall - Winona
  • Steak Shop Catering of Winona
  • Captured By Maggie
  • Wedding Planners in Winona
  • Danzinger Vineyard - Alma WI
  • Creamery Pizza - Rushford
  • Music Mix - Winona
  • Emily Barkeim - Edina Realty
  • Luxury Limo - Onalaska
  • Shirely Elain Weddings
  • Lia Sophia - Cindy Revere
  • Wild Tree - Shannon Ingvalson
  • Mary Kay - Joan Schmidt
  • Angela LaLemont - Attorney
  • The Black Horse - Winona
  • Hy-Vee - Winona
  • Thirty-One Consultant - Jen Welch
  • Body Work Health Spa & Salon
  • Charlottes Bridal - La Crosse
  • Big Boar Smokers - West Salem

Winona Radio would like to thank all couples that entered in the contest and wish you the nothing but the best as you start a new chapter in your lives together.
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Loren Kreidermacher & Leah Peterson
"Back in 2003, we were in 8th grade and I had attended a baseball game of one of my friends when then I saw Loren playing baseball with him. That was it for me; but he had no idea who I was. I was the girl at the games. We went to two different schools until 9th grade but attended the same High School. It took Loren about 3 years to get the courage to ask me out. That girl at the baseball game became his girlfriend on December 17th 2006. Our relationship grew stronger each day from high school all the way through collage. After 7½ years, I Got The Ring, Loren proposed to me at sunset on flag rock. Flag rock is such a beautiful and peaceful place to look down at the valley. I had the best four-wheeler ride ever that night. Loren and I are planning our wedding for August 2nd 2014."
Sarah Pelton and Jordan Mickelson
"Jordan and Sarah met their freshman year of college at Winona State University. Sarah, a city girl, was living off campus with a friend from high school. Jordan, a country boy, lived in the dorms. Sarah and her friend were in need of another roommate to live in their house so they posted flyers on campus. Jordan, was a little naughty and got caught drinking in the dorms and was kicked out. He found the flyer Sarah had posted for a roommate and he showed up at Sarah's house. 4 1/2 years later, they began dating, 2 1/2 years later they got engaged."
Jacob Kafer and Megan Hurlburt
"After going to homecoming together our freshman year of high school, we started dating and have been together since then. On our 5th anniversary we got engaged and will get married soon before our 7th anniversary. Although we are young, we have endured more than most couples ever will and these unfortunate life events have only made our love grow stronger."
Greg Hazelton + Tracy Marin
"We have been dating for 9 years as of july 17. We like to go bicycling, spend time with our dog ozzy and do outdoor activities.Looking forward to getting married."
Chelsie and Matt Kiekbusch
"Chelsie is my daughter and Matt our soon to be son in law. They have blessed us with two beautiful grandsons and we could be more happy are soon to be son-in-law. They have so much to be thankful for going into this marriage."

Scott Wobig & Anne Laehn
"Scott and I met 8 years ago. We have been putting a wedding on hold for all these years because all of our finances go to supporting our wonderful children. We recently bought a house also. Now the last thing we need to accomplish is having a wedding."
Amber Sorum and Cody Erickson
"We met in the summer of 2009 at work. Was love at first sight. We have been through a lot including his mom almost dying from a brain aneurysm, she is making a great recovery and we're very excited to get married and join our two families and start our life together."
Kovin Benziger & Kayla Peterson
"We met two years ago as students attending Saint Mary’s University. It didn't take long for me to realize he was the one. The feelings were mutual and we knew we'd be establishing a future together. June 6th 2013, the day after my birthday, Kovin took me to Signatures of Winona to enjoy dinner overlooking the best view of the golf course. Kovin excused himself from the table after the meal and the waitress brought me a letter to read. As I finished reading the letter, written by Kovin, he was on his way over to the table holding an arrangement of Mon Petit cupcakes. The center was a cupcake ring box. Kovin got on one knee and asked me if I would marry him. I said yes! Signatures of Winona celebrated with us and even provided champagne. We are so blessed to have met and are preparing to be married in 2015."
Elizabeth Holubar and Nicholas Landsverk
"Nick and I met online in December of 2011. After the holiday season we got together in the Wisconsin Dells January 14th. In March I started going through the process to have weight loss surgery and Nick was 100% supportive. We helped cook and workout, even though we lived 2 hours apart. In August Nick moved to Winona to go to college at MN SE Tech for his truck driving cert and we have lived together since. Nick was driving over the road when a package came to the house for him. He really wanted me to bring it down to the Mauston Kwik Trip to him where he was staying the night in the truck. Coincidentally met at this Kwik Trip back in January. In the spot we fist met in the middle of a truck stop he asked me to marry him and I said yes. We are looking forward to our wedding in June of next year!"
Josh Dvorak and Ashley Pruka
"Josh and I have been together for 3 years as of the 4th of July. Since getting together, he's gotten a great job and we have purchased our very own house in Winona. We're getting married in a darker themed wedding, somewhat similar to the movie Nightmare Before Christmas at Riverside Park in Lacrosse and having our reception at the Elk's in Winona. We're paying for the entire thing by ourselves, so any extra help would be amazing!"
Earl Grenier and Stormie Merchlewitz
"We actually met at the BP gas station in Stockton MN, I told him I liked his shirt he said thanks and left. 2 weeks later I moved 3 hours away , and randomly his name showed up on Facebook. We started talking he came up to visit me , I moved back and ever since we have been together with our 1 year old boy Monty, and our little girl Bow due in October. Ever since that day he claimed he came back for me at that little o' BP in Stockton."
Jesse Wohlert and Shawnee Skogebo
"We met at winona senior high school. We started dating in college. We fell in love and bought a home in Utica MN. We have a passion for Labradors. We spend as much time as we can together. We are excited to be united in marriage in august. Our wedding is in a barn and country themed."
Danita Pettey & Allison Hazel
"We met about 5 years ago while both working at the same restaurant. Since then we have both graduated college and are living in Winona. Not long after we started dating, we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. But up until recently our relationship would not be recognized in Minnesota. We went to the capital on the day the senate voted in favor of the same-sex marriage bill, and have began making wedding plans ever since! We are ecstatic that Minnesota will finally recognize our love like any other couples'. Thank you for your time and consideration!"
Rick Theis and Cathy Stark
"We met 4 years ago on Match.com. 2 years into our relationship I was diagnosed with breast cancer and he was my pillar of strength. Not even married and stayed through sickness and now through health he stood by my side. We have a combined family of 5 children, 13 grand children and 1 great granddaughter. We truly are blessed and cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together as husband and wife. It is never to late to find your one true love."
Matthew Willson and Rachel Dowler
"We were introduced last year by a mutual friend-she thought we would be a good match, having such similar personalities. Matt is a marine and at the time of meeting, he was on a base down in Missouri. Over the course of a few months, we got to know each other over the phone, and soon, we knew we were each others missing puzzle pieces. At Christmas time, he came home and we met for the first time. Meeting for the first time did not feel like we were meeting face to face for the first time, it felt like we had been together all along and we were seeing each other again after a long separation. After being home for a few weeks, Matt returned to Missouri and a month later, he found he would soon be headed over to Japan to be stationed there for 2 years. I promised him that I would wait here for him, no matter how long it took because I want to be with him more than anything in the world. He got to come home for Valentine's day before leaving for Japan. While he was here we got promise rings for each other, promising that we would be together forever. After he left, not even two months went by and we realized that we could not be separated for that long. We of course knew more than anything that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with each other and we wanted that to start as soon as possible! He proposed to me over video chat since he was not able to do it in person, and of course I said yes! He is coming home in September for our wedding, and a couple months down the road, I am going to follow him to Japan so we will be apart no longer. Before I met Matt, I never knew I could experience a love so strong, but he really completes me the way I didn't know anyone could. Together, we laugh so much and he truly makes me feel like the luckiest and happiest girl alive."
Tom Reigstad and Breanna Weyrauch
"We met our junior year of college when Tom moved in the apartment above Breanna. We became friends very easily and started dating after taking a skiing class together. Now we have been together for about a year and a half and are preparing to be married! We love doing anything that involves the outdoors. We love adventures, trying new things and going to new places. It is a blast being spontaneous and being active together. However, a slow, relaxing night on the couch with a movie can be nice too. Tom proposed at a sunrise at John Latch State Park one very early morning earlier this summer. We are excited to begin our journey and see where the Lord takes us in our life together."
Justin Terek & Kelsey Earney
"Justin and Kelsey were born four days apart in Winona Memorial Hospital and attended school together from Kindergarten to graduation. They began dating during Sophomore year and have been high school sweethearts for four and a half years now. Soon after graduation Justin joined the Army as an Infantryman, he proposed to her at Fort Benning, Georgia and she said yes. Kelsey dropped everything and followed Justin all the way to Texas. Justin finished his military commitment this May and they both moved back home to attend University and to finally take their vows."
Tesla Rodriquez and Justin Mitchell
"Justin and Tesla met nearly three years ago while Tesla was in college at Saint Mary's University. Justin -- who worked for Chartwells at the time -- was working behind the register one day when Tesla came up to pay for some snacks. The two instantly hit it off. During their few minutes of interaction they were already talking about politics and society as a whole. Soon they were having hour long conversations or more without the radio or TV on. Justin impressed her with his intelligence and his strive to be a gentleman (always opening doors for her and leaving flowers for her to find). Tesla impressed him with her brightness, her strive to see the best in the world, and her drive to make a difference. Not long after they moved in together, enjoyed a wonderful summer, and realized they were meant for each other. Then about a month ago on a rainy day, Justin brought her out to one of their favorite spots near the river. They cuddled under an umbrella and watched as the rain sprinkled on the river's surface. Then Justin turned to her and said "you've brought so much happiness and light to my life. I can't imagine life without you," he said as he looked into her eyes. "I have something to show you." He moved from the rock he sat on to one knee in the sand (in his nicest pants). He reached into his pocket while he kept his eyes on her, pulled out a blue box, and said "Tesla Anne Rodriquez, will you marry me?" to the astonished and speechless woman in front of him. After realizing what was going on and allowing the reality of the situation to hit me, I looked at him and said "Yes I will.""
Tina Matthees & Jeremy Voelker
"We met through a friend but actually seen each other first as we were pumping gas at Kwik Trip. We got engaged on our 1 year anniversary. We both were born and raised in the Winona area."
Jerimiah Leonhardt and Jessica Bruce
"Jess and Jeremy have been together for 18 years, and have farmed in rural Kellogg for the same amount of time. They both work outside the home as well as raising 2 amazing boys. They simply have not had the time to wed, and they are finally tying the knot in a brief ceremony and reception at yaholligans in Kellogg We as friends feel that they need to be recognized and should win this giveaway. We hope you consider them for they are a very special couple. Thank You"
Melynda Kvistad & Thomas Wirt
"In June 2010; two soul mates met for the first time. Life hasn't been the same since... I took him to his first pro-rodeo and he introduced me to his love of backpacking and the outdoors. We both enjoy camping with family and friends, country music, and 4-wheeling. We love spontaneous adventures! After 2 years of amazing adventures, he decided it was time to make me his bride. On one of our adventurous vacations to Wisconsin Dells, in between the water slides and the thrill shows, he proposed over a romantic dinner. After a tearful YES! It was off to our next amazing adventure together. We both live life to the fullest every day, and are looking forward to many more blessed years of exciting adventures together."
Carey Moore & Caroline Loging
"Carey and I have been dating for 9 years and 4 months. We were planning on getting married sooner but my job closed down 2 years ago in February. So then we had to live on one income while I went to college for a couple of years. It has been a bumpy road for us, but we try to stay positive while I continue to look for work since graduating college."
Rachel Passehl & Andrew Borck
"These two were high school sweethearts. They went different ways and than found each other again. Andrew proposed to Rachel on January 21st, 2013. And of course she said "YES". We have had a very busy spring and summer planning for their August 2013 wedding but wouldn't have it any other way."
Carl Benke and Michelle Stewart
"Four years ago a farm boy and a city girl came together and fell in love. We soon realized our love for visiting Duluth and made it a tradition to go there at least once a year. On our way home from vacation this past June; we of course had to stop in Duluth. It was absolutely freezing and could barely walk it was so windy. We stopped by the lift bridge in Canal Park, when he popped the question. I was so ecstatic and surprised!!!!! Who knew a farm boy and a city girl could be this happy and in LOVE."
Jane Groth & Brandon Mathison
"I met Brandon in the fall of 2012 on Halloween day. I had scheduled a plumber to stop out to my home for routine maintenance and HE....knocked on my door! Although we both had been married before, we knew this time, that we found what we needed, in each other and our romance has burned brightly ever since! Selling our individual homes, preparing to get married, finding a new home and blending our four children under one roof has been challenging and exciting all around but isn't that what life's all about? Cheers!! to all the couples entered & may we all be celebrating many anniversaries to come."
Kenneth Roy Mustain and Emily Rose Jacobsen
"Ken and I met through friends of ours. It was love at first sight. I have 4 children who absolutely adore Ken. We were engaged in December he is truly the prince I have always searched for and I have been through he'll and back. Our wedding will be pagan style at a park with a hog roast after. I saved him from a bad road and am his princess. We are average people who our friends are all amazed at how so much we are in love. Thank you Emily Rose"
Justin & Jennie
"Met 4 years ago thru a mutual friend. Been together since. We enjoy 4 wheeling together and playing softball. On 12-13-11 he popped the question when he tricked her in thinking it was a family dinner, she of course said yes!!!"
Lance Rusert & Kristie Peitsmeyer
"I am not originally from Winona, but I came here for work. I met Lance there and we just clicked. Within the first few months, I knew he was the one for me. We have been together for almost 2 years and he popped the question with our dogs and their "new name tags" reading, "Will you" and "marry me". I couldn't have been more surprised or thrilled! I never thought I'd meet the man of my dreams in Minnesota, but here we are and I couldn't be happier!"
Barb Bruner & Joshua Smith
"Barb and Josh met while attending college at Madonna University in Lavonia, MI. After the first date Josh knew that Barb was going to be the one for him. In a short time later Barb was convinced as well. Josh wanted to have a romantic proposal. He arranged for a nice dinner and had the restaurant make a special dessert that asked Barb to marry him. He proceeded to show her the engagement ring and she said "yes"."
Patrick Johnson and Jamie Burt
"Patrick and Jamie met in Stevens Point, WI where Patrick was working at Sentry Insurance and Jamie was going to graduate school. They love to have fun together whether it is sitting down to watch a movie or going outside to go frisbee golfing. Patrick proposed to Jamie by getting down on one knee at the finish line of the 5 mile race that they had just completed together."
Laura Morken & Brent Garcia
"7-27-10 He stole her heart 7-27-12 And popped the question 7-27-13 So she stole his name Our Love Story Laura & Brent."