Big Buck Contest

The voting has taken place and the winners are...................


1st Place Winner is Jeffrey Evenson

Jeff will receive the following:
  • Arcadia Farm & Home....Camo Hub Blind ($116.99 value)
  • Ristow Enterprises.......Eagle Seed Forge Beans($100 value)
  • Arrows in the Square........$100 gift card
  • North End Pub & Grill.....$50 gift certificate
  • Wiebke Trading Company....$50 gift card
  • Krenzke Meats....$50 gift certificate
  • H & M Plumbing.....$50 gift card
  • Schott Distributing

2nd Place Winner is Kendra Palkowski

Kendra will receive the following:

  • Arcadia Farm & Home....Tactical Backpack (49.99 value)
  • Ristow Enterprises....Real World Seed ($75 value)
  • Ground Round Sports Bar & Grill.....$50 gift card
  • Hidden Valley Paintball....$50 gift certificate
  • Mainstream Firearms......$50 gift certificate

3rd Place Winner is Lane Zahtre

Lane will receive the following:

  • Arcadia Farm & Home.....Big Game Camo Stadium Seat ($39.99 value)
  • Ristow Enterprises.....White Rack Deer Mineral($34.97 value)
  • Bonnie Rae's....$50 gift certiifcate

2016 Big Buck Contest is brought to you by the following:
Krenzke Meats
St. Charles MN

Ristow Enterprises LLC
Alma WI * 608-685-4543
Jeff Rotering
Waumandee WI, Nov 24th, Gun. Harvested this beautiful 19 pointer on Thanksgiving day, weight 202.6lbs.
Nate Russell
Whitewater mgt.area. Oct.27 With crossbow. 50 yard heart shot
Austin Braund
November 7, 2016 - Barre Mills/La Crosse County. Shot at 7:15 a.m. with a bow. 30 Yards Shot! 11 point, 20" Spread, Scored 153.
Zayne Pierce
11/6/16 - Harvested this nice 8 pointer with his 20 gauge in Winona County. This was Zaynes first experience with "Buck Fever" and could not understand what was wrong with his legs! This was an experience we will never forget.
Adrianna Rotering
Waumandee WI, Nov 19th, Gun. Taken on Grandpa Curts' farm. 11 pts, 204.1lbs, 10 years old, My 1st Buck with the Gun
Sam Kunkel
East burns valley, 11/19/16, 12 gauge sabot slug
Robert Benrud
First year hunting I'm just 10 years old. 12 pointer, 19 inch inside spread. Green score 152 7/8 - 163.4 pounds dressed. Harvested in Holmen, WI 11/25/16 @ 7:15AM- Gun
Chloe Brenner
Buffalo County, WI. October 22, bow kill.
Kendra Palkowski
I harvested this buck in Waumandee, WI, on opening morning of deer season in the gale force winds.
Lucas Bauer
Buck harvested in southwest Wisconsin on 11/20/16 at 9:30 am
Lane Zahrte
La Crosse, Wisconsin, Nov. 15th. Archery.
Scott Schultz
Opening day of gun season 8:15 in the morning. Came to a bleat call followed by two short grunts. 200 lbs field dressed 15 scorable pts , 188' inches gross.Near Stockton Mn.
Adolph Schildknecht
November 11 2016 Money Creek MN
Kaitlyn Dailey
I shot my buck on opening day of the Minnesota deer season. This was my first deer shot while hunting on my own.
Jeffrey Evenson
Harvested this 8pnt buck with 20 in spread just outside Ridgway,MN on 11/9/16 The night before my daughter tolled me to shoot a big buck because she wanted more jerky.Guess it worked out for me and her.
David Vaughn
I harvested this amazing buck on October 29th with me bow near St. Charles, MN. Buck green scored 191 4/8.
Jordon Dittrich
On our farm in Waumandee on opening day of bow hunting. With my bow.
Casey Mrozek
Harvested with a bow on October 22nd in Fountain City.
Lisa Boyum
"I shot this buck with my bow on October 21st while hunting near Rollingstone MN. This is my first buck!!! green score was 163" with a 3 inch drop tine!"
Luke Onstad
Got this deer on October 14th with my bow on my parents farm near BlackHammer MN at 5:40 pm I called the deer into 25 yards with a grunt tube and made a perfect shot. He has 13 points and scores 181" is 6.5 years old and weighed 300 pounds!
Nick Myhre
Harvested in Houston County.  On 10/4/16 Nick arrowed this 260lb 11-point buck.  Green score of 160 2/8
Corey Pettis
Harvested with a bow on 9/19/16 in Etrrick WI
Results will be released soon.