Open Council Seat

The 1st Ward city council seat in Fountain City remains vacant while city hall searches for a new alderman to fill the seat by appointment.
City Clerk Janet LaDuke said former alderman Gary Brone declined taking the office after he scored the most write-in votes in an April 2nd election.

Brone did not file candidacy for re-election. No one else filed for the office either. As many as a dozen other people received one or more write-in votes, LaDuke said.

LaDuke said Fountain City Mayor Peter Schaffner have discussed the council vacancy and decided to ask others if they were interested in the post.

Legitimate candidates obtaining write-in votes on April 2 will be mailed letters asking them if they would like the appointment

The city council tentatively plans to appoint a new 1st Ward alderman at its regular meeting on June 12th.

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