Nisbit Appeal Filed

Twelve Winona County citizens are appealing the County Board of Commissioners' April 2nd decision not to order an Environmental Impact Statement  on the proposed Nisbit frac sand mine in Saratoga Township.

The group claims in their appeal the County Board failed to address the potential cumulative effects of the mine in combination with other frac sand mines proposed in the area, and failed to adequately consider and respond to comments from the public and state agencies.

Spokesman Vince Ready a saratoga Township resident,  and one of the twelve, in a press release, says it was irresponsible of the Board to decide that there would be no cumulative effects, when so many other sites have already been proposed for mining.

Ready said the appeal argues that the Board's negative declaration on the need for an EIS was arbitrary and capricious and based upon errors of law and quality of life. The Nisbit mine site is at the center of a cluster of proposed mines in Saratoga Township and neighboring Pilot Mound Township, Fillmore County.

In addition to Ready and Jane  Cowgill of Winona, the appellants are Pauline Connaughty of Saratoga Township, Mike Knutson of Utica, Joe Morse of Wilson Township, Barb and Martin Nelson of The Arches, Jim Pelowski of Saratoga Township, Renee Ready of Saratoga Township, Stewart and Kay Shaw of Winona, and Margaret Walsh of Winona.

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