Posted: Friday, 17 May 2013 10:21AM

Drug Bust

The Winona County Sheriff's Department says two people were jailed Thursday night after authorities served a search warrant on their residence near Elba at 9:00 p.m. and discovered drugs and a large number of items believed to have been stolen.
Sheriff Dave Brand said 37 year old Gabriel Lowther and 33 year old April Fay Lewis were both initially cited with third, fourth and fifth degree felony controlled substance violations. Lowther was also charged with possession of stolen property.
Brand said authorities turned up nearly 100 pills believed to be amphetamines, nearly 8 grams of hallucinegenic mushrooms, 45 grams of a drug contained in candles, and a substance wrapped in foil believed to be LSD.
Authorities also recovered a trailer, two ATVs, numerous tools and equipment, and an air compressor, all believed to have been stolen.  Brand said checks are being made to see if any of the items had been reported stolen in previous burglaries.
Brand said authorities had to use as many as four trailers and two trucks to haul away the items which were impounded.
Brand said authorities received a tip from a reliable source.  The Southeastern Minnesota Narcotics and Gang Strike Force aided local authorities.

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Locations : Southeastern Minnesota
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