Galesville Officer

 A suspended Galesville police officer will be suspended for 60 days without pay and have his wages reduced by one pay level in a final decision issued by an independent hearing officer.
The Trempealeau County Times reports that Assistant Police Chief John Kamrowski will have that title removed and can have it resinstated only at the discretion of the city council.

Earlier this month a second police officer, James Brudos, resigned after an eight-month wait in his case.

Both officers had been accused by the Galesville City council of violations of city policies constituting just cause for their dismissal.

Kamrowsk had ten days following the decision in his case to appeal the rulings.

Meanwhile, the newspaper revealed the two officers collected a total of about $92,000 in wages and benefits while on suspension and the cases were pending...and attorney feeds to date are $96,000.

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