Highway 43 Bridge

The plans for the construction of a new interstate bridge in Winona and the rehab of the existing bridge are ongoing.
Project Manager Terry Ward with the Minnesota Department of Transportation says the concept development and preliminary design phase continues along with getting the proper environmental documents ready.

Despite the fact that the MnDOT website currently lists 2015 as the construction start date, Ward says plans are in the works to assure they start construction in 2014. He says the worst case scenario being starting in the spring of 2015.

Ward also says the goal is to do everything possible to keep the bridge open during the construction phase.

The property acquisition process continues and Ward says they expect to start making offers to land owners this fall. He says MnDOT has received requests for early land acqusition and those are being reveiwed.
The project requires Municipal consent and Ward says they expect to speak to the Winona City Council sometime this fall for its approval.
MnDOT has recommended a two-bridge solution that rehabilitates the existing bridge and builds a new permanent bridge immediately upstream of the existing bridge.

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