Posted: Wednesday, 26 June 2013 11:34AM

Roschen Threatens Lawsuit

Wabasha County Commissioner Deb Roschen has threatened to file a lawsuit against Wabasha County but she and her attorney have refused to disclose what her claims are.
Wabasha County Attorney Jim Nordstorm has requested the details of the possible lawsuit so he can determine if it involves any county employees or county officials and properly defend them.
Nordstrom has also, according to the Wabasha County Herald,  told all county staff to have no contact with Roschen by e-mail, telephone, or face-to-face until Nordstrom has been appraised of the nature of the possible claims.
Roschen's attorney, Erick Kaardal, according to the paper, informed Nordstrom on June 5th, of the possible lawsuit  regarding certain individual county officials or employees.

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