Posted: Friday, 05 July 2013 11:14AM

Beekeeping Ordinance

A nearly 40 year old beekeeping ordinance in Buffalo County is still on the books even though a county committee voted to rescind it two years ago.
The county bee law evidently isn't a big deal.  The county hasn't enforced it for years.  That's why a county zoning committee moved to scratch the ordinance in 2011, but somehow a resolution to rescind it was never introduced to the county board.  
The purpose of an ordinance passed in 1975 was said to help assure the county of having a bee population adequate for crop pollination.  The county rules were supposed to prevent over-saturation of bee colonies and protect bees from agricultural spraying and disease.

Peter Stoltman, a Buffalo County land resources zoning technician, said the last record on the books was 1999 when $8 in fees were collected.
And there was a Honey Committee, a 5 person panel appointed by the county board chairperson to serve as an advisory group to report and investigate suspected ordinance violations.  If a dispute arose, then the Honey Advisory Committee also became the Arbitration Board to settle the conflict.

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