Klobachar Senior Bills

Senator Amy Klobuchar has introduced a package of legislation to help ensure high-quality long-term care for America's seniors.

The three bills would make long-term care policies more transparent, help ensure seniors receive the benefits promised by those policies, and assist families who care for aging family members.
Klobuchar says the legislation will require insurance companies to provide a one-page, standardized disclosure form to consumers after the purchase of a long term care insurance policy.

This will simplify the product for consumers and help to avoid confusion over the details of the benefits of long-term care policies.

While some 9 million Americans have already purchased long-term care insurance policies, there have been growing complaints about the refusal of insurance companies to pay claims.

The legislation calls for the creation of an independent, third-party review board to address the denial of appropriate and timely benefits by insurance companies.

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