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The Winona County Planning Commission hosted a public information meeting Thursday on proposed changes to the Winona County Zoning Ordinances.

County Planning and Environmental Services Director Jason Gilman gave a 25 minute presentation before the crowd of about 60 people were given 2 minutes apiece to ask questions.

Gilman says one provision in the proposed changes would expand the Rural Heritage District county wide and revert area standards to the August 1st, 1970 Zoning Ordinance, which Gilman called the start of modern zoning ordinance standards.

Winona County resident Richard Honeywell asked the commission to tally the increase in non-conforming structures from 1970 to today, saying it could drastically alter setback and protection distances.

Other questions posed from the crowd included asking about bluff sightlines and setbacks, why is there a need to rush to change the zoning ordinances and will the public have enough time to digest the answers to the night's question's by next Thursday.

Gilman said staff intends to post the answers on the county's website by the end of the day Friday.

There will be a public hearing on the matter at the regularly scheduled meeting of the Winona County Planning Commission on Thursday, August 15th.

Other proposed changes include removing the last sentence pertaining to the intent to gradually eliminate all non-conformities and exemptions for structures built before March 15th, 2011 and new structures within 300 feet of said existing structures from all current locally imposed setbacks including, bluff, steep slope, feedlot and other locally required setbacks.

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