C-FC Board Member

Rita Greshik is making her presence known on the C-FC School Board since her election in April.  

Only four months into a 3-year term, Greshik has rocked the boat about school board policies and fired a salvo of questions at board sessions.

Differences came to a head recently when C-FC board president Ed Callahan issued Greshik a 3-page rebuke for not complying with board operating policies.

The episode became contentious at a school board session where Greshik defended herself and her rights to obtain information and ask questions.

According to a summary report Callahan provided to other school board members, non-compliance issues had to do with communications a board member had with unidentified school staff employees.

Although Callahan in consultation with school board vice president Steve Scharlau and superintendent Tom Hiebert issued a letter directly to Greshik, the summary provided to the full board did not identify anyone......

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