Diocese Lawsuit

A Twin Cities attorney says he is filing a lawsuit on behalf of a former Caledonia man against the Diocese of Winona accusing the Diocese of Winona of allowing former priest Father Thomas Adamson to continue to have access to children despite reports of inappropriate sexual behavior with young boys.

Attorney Jeff Anderson says an Iowa man, who, as a child, attended church at St. John's Parish in Caledonia, was sexually abused by Adamson.

In addition to the lawsuit, Anderson is also asking the Diocese of Winona to release a list of 13 priests who worked in the Diocese who had been accused of sexually molesting minors. Anderson says the Diocese has not released those names to the public and, as a result, children are at risk of being sexually molested.
Adamson had priest assignments in Winona, Adrian, Rochester, Caledonia, Hammond, Albert Lea, Fountain, and Wykoff, Minnesota.....                               

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