Money Creek Project

Money Creek Township in Houston County has asked representative Greg Davids to see if he can find money for a road reconstruction project after the Federal Emergency Management Agency declined funding for the project.

The Post-Bulletin reports FEMA has backed out of supplying the township more than $633,000 earmarked for the project that is estimated to cost $836,000.

The difference was to be made up by the State of Minnesota.

Davids told the paper he does not know why FEMA backed out of the funding.

The township has already contracted for the project and Davids said if the township had to foot the entire bill it would take about ten years to pay it back.
The township has appealed the decision to FEMA.
The road in question was damaged in the heavy June rains and Davids said he is looking into getting some funding for the township placed into a flood assistance bill to be considered by the legislature in special session September 9th.

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