Bonoff Listening Tour

The Minnesota Higher Education 'Listening Tour' made a stop in Winona Monday at Winona State University.
Democratic Senator Terri Bonoff is leading the month-long tour of 18 colleges and universities designed to gather input from students and key stakeholders about ways of improving the state's higher education system.

Bonoff told the students she is impressed with the unique way Winona  business and education partners together.

Bonoff heard from several students about having trouble with credit transfers from community colleges to four year schools. Bonoff says other than student debt, the transfer issue is the biggest concern she's heard about.

Among those who in attendance, State Senator Jeremy Miller and Representative Gene Pelowski of Winona, along with WSU President Scott Olson, Saint Mary's University President Brother William Mann and Southeast Tech President Jim Johnson. Students from WSU, SE-Tech and SMU also attended the session.

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