Tax Scam

Winona County Recorder Bob Bambenek and the Sheriff's Department are warning county residents to be aware of possible scams related to tax liens and copies of recorded property deeds.

Bambenek says he received three calls last week from residents who said they received solicitations offering assistance in clearing tax liens and providing copies of deeds.

In some cases the solicitor offered to provide a copy of a recorded property deed for $90 or more. Bambenek says that's not llegal but property owners need to be aware that the County Recorder's office provides copies of property deeds for free.

Also, a solicitor has offered to provide assistance in clearing tax liens that can result from back income taxes, sales taxes or estate taxes. Targeted liens appear to have been previously released or are no longer in effect

Bambenek says sending money for this assistance would have no effect and should not be done.

The solicitaions may have the appearance they are affiliated with Winona County. Bambenek says they are not connected to Winona County in any way......

                While he has received three calls about the solicitations, Bambenek believes there may have been many more and potential victims have been reluctant to report them.
              Anyone with questions should contact Bambenek at 457-6340, or the Sheriff's Office at the Law Enforcement Center......

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