School Board-Preschool

The Winona Area Public School Board Thursday voted to create a work group to look into details of cost, location options and possible enrollment numbers for an expanded preschool program that could begin as soon as next fall.  

The option being studied would be a collaboration with Winona State University that would offer a year round toddler/preschool program for 34 to 40 students at a cost of about $181,000 per year. Start up cost would exceed $100,000.

Vice-Chair Ben Baratto expressed concerns over who would end up footing the bill.

Board member Jay Kohner said the details can be brought forward by the task force but getting the expanded preschool ball rolling is important.

The board will get an opportunity to make a final vote after receiving updates and recommendations from the new work group, that will include Superintendent Scott Hannon, who will be a  co-chair along with a representative of WSU.

A final vote is expected by the end of December so enough time would remain to get the details in place to begin in the fall of 2014.

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