R-P School Facilities Upgrades

(Rushford)  --  A Rushford-Peterson School District committee has narrowed a list of recommendations for facilities upgrades from 17 to 3. The Tri-County Record reports the Future Facility Planning Committee will eventually pick one the three to recommend to the school board to be presented to district voters in a future referendum. One option is to construct a new facility next to the current high school football field in Rushford to house early childhood education through 12th grade. The second and third options would be to construct two new facilities on that same property next to the football field to house early childhood education through third grade and grades 7-though 12.  A school building in Peterson would be converted for grades 4-though-6 as a middle school. Under all three scenarios the current high school building in Rushford, which is over 100 years old, would be abandoned. The committee will hold its next meeting on October 30th.         

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