County Zoning Changes

The Winona County Board of Commissioners held a public hearing Tuesday concerning several proposed changes to the county zoning ordinances.

About 110 people packed the room with most of the speakers voicing their opposition to the changes.

Winona Senior High School student, Caleb Hammel, said he and his friends are concerned about protecting Winona's natural beauty.

Winona Area Chamber of Commerce Chairman, Dennis Meyer, says the Chamber supports the changes because they help maintain property values and encourage new technology and facilities on farm operations.

The Winona County Farm Bureau also supports the proposed amendments.

The proposed changes include expanding the Rural Heritage District county wide and revert area standards to the August 1st, 1970 Zoning Ordinance, exempting structures built before March 15th, 2011. It would also include new structures within 300 feet of said existing structures from all current locally imposed setbacks including, bluff, steep slope, feedlot and other locally required setbacks.

The County Board will vote on the amendments at a future meeting.

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