Planning Commission Air Quality

The Winona Planning Commission Monday deadlocked 3 to 3 in a vote to recommend to the City Council that a pair of air monitors be placed on the YMCA roof to monitor silica sand and diesel emissions.

Chairman Craig Porter said after the discussion two weeks ago with a Minnesota Pollution Control Agency representative and past public hearings, he has found no need for monitoring right now.

Commissioner Dale Boettcher disagreed, noting that testing could give the city the information it needs to decide what do in the future.

Commissioners Boettcher, Brian Buelow and Wendy Davis voted yes on the motion, Porter, Brad Ballard and Dan English voted no. The commissioners tabled the motion after the tie and will bring it up again at it's next meeting, November 25th.

The MPCA has said it would  set up the air monitors by January 1st. The estimated cost is $60,000 and the MPCA would pay for the project.


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