Model-T Mystery

The Winona County Sheriff's Department is asking for the public's help in solving a mystery involving a sunken Model-T Ford found in the Mississippi River.

Sheriff Dave Brand said a demonstration of a side scanner device conducted on October Third revealed what looked like a Model-T lying upside down on the bottom of the river just off Winona's Levee Park.

Brand said county divers were sent down on October 30th, along with a Black River Falls man, who video-taped the car which was halfway covered in the sand.

The car appears to facing the interstate bridge and its frame, drive-shaft and wheels can be seen on the video.

Brand said he has done some investigation with the County Historical Society archives but has been unable to come up with any record or a report of a Model-T involved in a crash or possible crime in Winona's past 100 years.

He believes a number of possibilities exist such as a vehicle may have gone off the former bridge that was replaced in the late 1930s, a vehicle may have gone off the levee, or went through ice at some time.

Now Brand is asking the public if anyone has any information that might solve the mystery,,,especially if the vehicle was involved in a long-past crime.

If you do, you are asked to call the Sheriff's Department at 457-6368.....

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