Airport Project-City Council

The City of Winona received some good news on the project to upgrade the Max Conrad Field Municipal Airport.
Keith Nelson, Assistant City Manager for Public Works, told the City Council that the airport taxiway offset distance will be changed from 325 to 300 feet. Nelson says a secondary area of wetland anticipated to need fill will not be required, saving the city about $82,000.

The council unanimously approved the changes in the change order.

The project is estimated at $12 million with federal and state agencies picking up 90-percent of the cost, the city will pay 10-percent.
The project icludes the replacement of the main runway, enhanced lighting and navigational systems, and paving of a partial taxiway. The goal is to enhance the safety of the facility and comply with federal government standards.

In a seperate vote, the council approved a resolution for the dispersal of Federal grant money for phase one of the airport project.  

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