Sweepstakes Scam

The Sheriff's Department says a 57-year-old Stockton woman is the victim of a scam involving a sweepstakes jackpot.

Chief Deputy Ron Ganrude the woman received a telephone call from a man saying she had won $1,250,000 in the Publishing Clearinghouse Sweepstakes.
The woman was instructed to purchase a Pay Pal cash card from Walmart in the amount of $385 in order to cover the taxes on the winnings
She was also instructed to call the man back with the identification numbers on the card which she did.

The man then called a second time and said he was in the area and to deliver her winnings and needed another $1,800 for IRS tax stamps on the winnings.
Getting suspicious, the woman said she would call the IRS to verify the tax stamps.

That's when the man hung up.

Efforts to stop payment of the Pay Pal card failed, according to Ganrude.
Ganrude is reminding residents not to send any money to anyone wanting an up-front payment to claim any kind of winnings.

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