Commissioner Salaries

Winona County Commissioners approved another salary freeze for themselves for 2014...the fifth year in a row.

The five commissioners will once again be paid $24,236 dollars.

The salary does not include per diem payments for attending outside meetings after a motion from Commissioner Steve Jacob to restore the per diems failed for lack of a second.

Jacob sought a two and a-half percent decrease in the salaries
and the restoration of the per diems which were eliminated several years ago.

Jacob said he felt compensation for all of the commissioners was not equal when it comes to the number of meetings attended by each one.

Commissioner Jim Pomeroy said the board's budget committee removed the per diems because the committee felt the salary was enough.

While the commissioners took another pay freeze, they did, on a  unanimous vote, grant two-percent pay raises for county elected officials for 2014.

County Attorney Karin Sonnamon will make $112,742 dollars. Sheriff Dave Brand was boosted to $91,310 dollars. And County Recorder Bob Bambenek will get $70,110.

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