Car In The River-1997

The incident involving a car that plunged into the Mississippi River off Riverview Drive on Sunday is similar to an incident that occurred in March of 1997 when a vehicle carrying five St. Mary's University students also went off the same location killing all five.
Similar to the Sunday incident, those students had last visited a bar before  their vehicle disappeared.
It prompted a four-day search of the Winona area and it was not until the fourth day that parts of a vehicle were discovered on the river bank just off Huff Street.
That led authorities to send divers into the river.
Four of the students were found in the submerged vehicle and the body of a fifth, who managed to make it out, was found downriver near the interstate bridge.

That incident prompted Winona officials to erect a barrier and yellow signs at the foot of Huff marking the turn.

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