CAPX2020 Protests

Two private groups, SOUL of Wisconsin and the Citizens Energy Task Force have filed a request to reopen the CapX2020 Hampton-to-La Crosse high-voltage power line docket at the Wisconsin Public Service Commission.

The two groups cited new information including unrealized growth in electrical demand, increased potential to further reduce demand, changes in La Crosse area electrical resources, and a court ruling regarding land-owner compensation.

According to attorney Carol Overland, who filed the request on behalf of the two organizations, the Public service Commission has the authority to reopen a case for any reason and at any time, including to reverse or modify a decision.

New information has become available that negates or defers the need for the CAPX2020 power line, and decreases the projected benefits and value of the line.

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Locations : Wisconsin
People : Carol Overland
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