Louisa Street Project

Winona officials have expressed disappointment that a request for 4.2 million dollars to help pay for half of the  Louisa Street extension project was left out of Governor Mark Dayton's proposed 2014 bonding bill.

Mayor Mark Peterson said Dayton changed his mind from a year ago when the funding was included but did not get legislative approval.

Peterson says the Louisa Street project has been on the city's capital improvements plan for many years as a way to relieve traffic on Mankato Avenue and provide more access the the hospital and fewer truck traffic on Mankato.

The city still has a chance to get the funding if it is included in a final bonding bill recommended by the House or Senate.

Dayton's Recommendations did include 5.9 million dollars for Phase One of Winona State's proposed Education Village, and 1.7 million for some classroom renovations for Southeast Tech in both Winona and Red Wing.....


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