Duellman-C-FC School Board

Steve Duellman has been trying to get elected to the Cochrane-Fountain City School Board for five years.

He thought he was going to be on the election ballot again on April 1st, but not so, he learned at a recent school board meeting.

Duellman's name will not be on the ballot because he failed to file candidacy papers in compliance with certification rules.

C-FC School Board President Ed Callahan made the ruling in place of school board clerk Jo Frances Ressie, herself a candidate for re-election on April 1st.
Callahan said the decision was reached based on advice from legal counsel of the Wisconsin Association of School Boards as well as the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board.

What happened was that Duellman faxed candidacy papers in advance of the January 7th filing deadline, but the original documents were not delivered to the school's district office in time.
 Duellman says he mailed the original documents postmarked January 7th, but that mailing has been missing to date.

Callahan said the documents were either never mailed or the postal service failed to deliver them in a timely fashion.

Callahan says Duellman has a couple of choices. He can appeal the decision to the government accountability board and he may run as a write-in candidate on April 1.

Duellman doesn't rule out running as a write-in, but remained undecided on appealing Callahan's ruling.

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