FRFF Funding

Winona City Councilman Paul Double wants to see a state agency deny funding for the Frozen River Film Festival in the future after the festival pulled the film "Fracknation" from a showing during the festival last Sunday.

According to the council's February 3rd agenda, Double will offer a motion to have the city administration send a letter to the Minnesota State Arts and Cultural Heritage Board, requesting that board deny furture funding requests from the festival.

Double says the festival received $31,000 in 2012 and another
$22,000 in 2013...all taxpayer funding.
Double says the action by festival organizers to pull "Fracknation", resulted in significant negative national publicity for the Winona community and he believes they have created a vision of Winona being a closed minded community. He also calls it self-proclaimed censorship.
Festival organizers said they pulled Fracknation, a pro-frack sand mining film, from its showing because, among other reasons, its producers did not have anyone come to Winona to present the film.

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